June 24, 2012

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Declaration of the 67th Regular Central Committee Meeting
National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba (Doro-Chiba)

June 24, 2012

A new policy of Doro-Chiba is established for the last half of 2012 on the 67th regular committee meeting held on June 24th in the headquarters of Doro-Chiba. The committee meeting carried out an intense discussion over the development and results of the struggle against outsourcing and scrap-and-build reorganization of JR railway depots, summing up the union’s policy in the first half of this year.
Europe is facing a serious state financial crisis once again. With employment deteriorating in US and economic growth slowing down in China, the global economic crisis is precipitating into catastrophe.
Desperate efforts of Noda administration are under way to force tax hike, dismantling of social security system and restart of nuclear plants just in the midst of horrible bankruptcy of national budget with more than 1000 Trillion Yen ($12 Trillion) accumulated debt. People’s anger is boiling up, while Prime Minister Noda is trying to justify the restart of Oi nuclear plant under the deceitful pretext of “assured security” and “defense of people’s life” and is rushing to unreasonable consumption tax increase. As a result, criticism to the ruling Democratic Party as well as the “opposition” party, Liberal Democratic Party, which is working with the government, is drastically mounting. The ruling structure is at the brink of a total collapse. People is totally disgusted with the corrupt reality of criminal collusion and cooperation of politicians, bureaucrats, business circle and bribed scholars to make profit out of nuclear plants and even out of “restoration business” from the March 11th catastrophe. On the other hand, corporate tax is lowered for the benefit of capitalists and increase of consumption tax is going to weigh more heavily on working people.
Now public service workers are faced with serious offensive of privatization and mass dismissal – an offensive spearheaded by Hashimoto, Mayor of Osaka City. The ruling class is attempting to find out a way from catastrophic budget crisis at the sacrifice of working class. A decisive battle is imminent over the issue of mass discharge of 3.6 million public service workers. This attack was heralded by the Division and Privatization of National Railways, which aimed at huge number of dismissal of railway workers. Compared with this attack in 1987, the enemy class is now going to expand and intensify this fresh offensive against working class. We call on 3.6 million public service workers to rise up for a resolute struggle. Let’s fight together! Crush neo-liberal offensive of capitalists. Without breaking down such an outrageous situation today, working class can’t live any longer. It is absolutely imperative to overthrow a society, in which the 1 % prevails at the sacrifice of the 99 %.
Doro-Chiba has been carrying square confrontation against brutal capitalist offensives for the revitalization of militant labor movement since the Division and Privatization of National Railway. In these recent years we have concentrated our struggle against privatization, outsourcing and casualization of jobs and succeeded in preventing outsourcing plan of the JR Company of inspection and repair work as well as of yard operation in April this year. This success teaches us that we can crush neo-liberal attack by organizing frontal counter-attack in establishing and promoting unity of workers in work place.
The struggle against outsourcing is reaching a decisive stage. JR East company and JR East Union have restored “their corrupt and cozy labor and capital cooperation” in their respective agonizing situation as a result of our victorious struggle that broke up JR scheme of outsourcing. They worked out together a fresh plan of overall outsourcing to be started on October 1st. The corrupt leadership of another major union, Kokuro (Japan Railway Workers’ Union), is also precipitating into a shameless betrayal of giving in to the company plan of outsourcing. If we should allow this rotten labor and capital cooperation in carrying out the outsourcing scheme, 1000 workers would be forced to accept temporary job transfer to the affiliated companies. This attack will surely be followed by definitive transfer with harsh working conditions. Now is the time we rise up with all of our power, which has been forged in 10 years struggle. Presently 20 million workers are already suffering from severe status of irregular employment. The future of working class depends on the struggle against impending outsourcing.
Dodo-Chiba is now facing with a brutal state and corporate attempt to destroy union organization. It is expressed in the recent extraordinary decision of the Supreme Court on the issue of discriminative treatment by JR Company in refusing the appointment of train drivers because of the union affiliation to Doro-Chiba. This judgment of the Supreme Court was done to reverse the preceding decision in favor of workers to denounce the discrimination in the similar case.
On June 29th we expect another court ruling in the trial in the first instance of the dismissal case in the Railway Construction Public Corporation as a result of the Division and Privatization of National Railway. We are firmly determined to fight against every kind of reactionary and discriminative judgment till we win a victory also in the court.
The JR Company has been desperately trying to force reorganization of railway depots, reactionary reform of employment and wage system and a large-scale restructuring of JR Freight in these recent years as urgent way of overcoming critical business of JR companies all at the sacrifice of workers. The planned outsourcing to be started from October 1st is a flagrant union busting. We are ready to crush this fresh offensive.
Our crucial task is the struggle to break down the JR outsourcing plan of inspection and repair work and yard operation scheduled on October 1st. We put all of our organizational power in this task. Today we have decided this policy with resolute determination. The point lies in our effort to organize more workers to Doro-Chiba to gain greater influence in work place. Let’s raise our voice of anger! We call on all colleagues working in the JR to join us, Doro-Chiba, to fight together. Stop outsourcing! No to nuclear plant! No to mass unemployment! Let’s revitalize militant labor unions!
Workers are the masters of the point of production. Let’s rise up for the struggle to create a society, which enables workers to lead a humane life. For the revival and restoration of labor movement and labor union!

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