Nov.2 National Workers`Rally
September 27, 2008

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.64xx,)(Japanes)

We Must Live!
Withdraw Dismissal of 1047 National Railway Workera!

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Slogans of Nov. 2 National Workers’ Rally

All workers! Unite to fight back privatization, deregulation, and union busting!
No to corporate bankruptcy, dismissal of workers, wage cut and deprivation of jobs!
Victory for 2009 spring labor offensive! Big raise in wage!
Abolish irregular jobs, worker dispatch system—slave labor!
Stop dismantling of labor laws and social welfare system! Don’t allow tax increase!
By strikes of angry workers, overthrow the rule of capitalists who inflict poverty and disparity on us!

All workers! Unite to achieve withdrawal of dismissal of 1047 National Railway workers!
No to the “political settlement” by the Four Parties & Four Organizations who have dropped the demand of withdrawal of dismissal through a process of exclusion of Doro-Chiba!
Condemn speeches of ex-prime minister Nakasone that openly boasted the unfair labor practices by the state power—his own administration—and win the lawsuit against Railway Construction Public Corporation!
Denounce the May 27 (2002) NRU Congress Struggle Repression!
Never again the deadly Amagasaki accident of the JR Company!
Fight together in solidarity with Doro-Chiba in a struggle against rationalization and for rail safety!

All workers! Unite to create a militant labor movement, fighting in workplaces and communities!
Absolutely no to the privatization of the Postal Service! Stop dismantling of the Social Insurance Agency!
Absolutely no to the privatization of the public services that causes dismissal of 2 million workers!
Don’t allow union bashing of the Jichiro (All-Japan Federation of Prefectural and Municipal Workers Unions) and Nikkyoso (Japan Teachers Union)!
Organize a nation-wide campaign to refuse to stand up and sing Kimigayo in front of Hinomaru and stop discharge of sisters Nezu and Kawarai!

All workers! Unite to stop reactionary revision of the constitution!
Smash planned introduction of citizen judge system!

All workers! Unite to stop Japan’s drive to war! Stop enacting the New Legislation of Fueling (to US battleships) and a permanent law that would enable the Self-Defense Forces to be deployed overseas!
Bring back the Self-Defense Forces from Iraq now!
Let’s follow the great struggle of angry Okinawan! Withdraw the directive on textbook editing to delete references to the Japanese imperial troops’ coercion of mass suicides in the wartime Okinawa! Abolish all military bases!
Smash Japan-US Security Treaty! Let’s create a struggle to say no to cooperation with war in workplaces!

All workers! Unite to fight back outrageous repression on Kan-Nama Union!
Defend the rights to organize, to bargain collectively and to act collectively and fight back police repression on labor movement and anti-war movement!
Don’t allow the repression on students in Hosei University!
Stop the introduction of Crime of Conspiracy!

All workers! Unite together against nationalism, discrimination and chauvinism! Let’s revitalize labor solidarity action across the border!
By the unity of the workers of the world, smash the neo-liberal policies!

All workers! Unite to overthrow the reactionary LDP-Komeito government!
Without us a single wheel of the society can turn. Change the world by the power of the labor movement!

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA