Protest declaration of Doro-Chiba against police raid on the union HQ
July 5 2008

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.64xx,)(Japanes)

Protest declaration of Doro-Chiba against police raid on the union HQ

July 5 2008

We denounce unjust house search of the union HQ by the Metropolitan Police Department!
Crush G8 Summit!
We fight for the revival of militant labor movement with all of our power!

The house search is unlawful in that the search warrant erroneously described the search spot as “Union Hall of Doryokusha” instead of “Doro-Chiba Union Hall”
On July 4, the Metropolitan Police Department (its Public Security Section’s First Division) forced quite unjustly house search of the union office of Doro-Chiba. The alleged reason of the house search was that Doro-Chiba was responsible, as the sponsor of the June 29 Workers’ Rally against G8 summit, for a person who was arrested under the suspicion of “violation of the public safety ordinance of Tokyo” during the demonstration in Shibuya after the rally.
The house search was conducted by 100 police in civil accompanied by 30 riot police under the direction of the Public Security Section’s First Division of the MPD. They surrounded the union building and occupied the union office for three and a half hours, from 10 to 13:30.
Most outrageously, the head of the search squad, an inspector produced a search warrant, which ordered to search “Union Hall of Doryokusha”. But such building doesn’t exist. Doro-Chiba’s union office is located in the building of “Doro-Chiba Union Hall”. This erroneous description deprives the warrant of its validity and the house search has no juridical ground. The judge of Tokyo District Court is also responsible for issuing such a defective warrant.
The inspector, at the accusation by one of the executive committee members of Doro-Chiba on this fatal illegality, got upset and resorted to undiscriminating violence on him, shouting, “No problem” “Clear him out”. Police assaulted him, tore his shirts, took away his camera and pushed him out of the union building.
This unjustified house search forced the planned shop-floor meeting in the assembly room in the Union Hall to cancel. During the house search, telephone call was totally suspended and the union office was cut off from the ordinary communication. It was an impermissible obstruction on normal union activity. The MDP unjustly seized policy and direction documents, union paper “Daily Doro-Chiba” as well as private cell-phones, notebooks and cameras.

An outrageous crackdown by the scared state power exposes they are afraid Doro-Chiba’s appeal ignites anger of workers into a big flame

The intention of the state power in conducting unjustified house search of Doro-Chiba union office is to suppress Doro-Chiba’s union activity from the view point of maintaining public security because the ruling class is afraid of explosion of the anger of working class against G8 Summit would develop into endangering the social order.
Confronting neo-liberal offensive, a huge number of working people are rising up worldwide for demonstrations, rallies and even for riots on foodstuff and fuel issues, shouting, “We must live!” June 29 Rally in Shibuya was carried out as an expression of mounting indignation of working class through breaking up brutal riot police suppression.
It must be noted that the house search of Doro-Chiba headquarters was practiced just on the eve of the opening of the G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido with an apparent aim of preventing Doro-Chiba from joining angry voices of Japanese working class against G8.
The alleged ground for the house search concerned “violation of the public safety ordinance of Tokyo” by one of the demonstrators. This is totally unjustified. Prior to the June 29 Rally, Doro-Chiba filed an application of the demonstration on June 29 with a course passing in front of Shibuya railway station (downtown Tokyo), the most favorite course of demonstration, to the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission according to the procedure prescribed by the public safety regulation of Tokyo. But the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission unjustly banned the demonstration in front of Shibuya station without plausible ground. (see Statement of the National Committee for Organizing the Rally of June 29 Against G8 Summit/ June 27 2008) It is evident, therefore, there is no reason to practice house search of Doro-Chiba for “violation of the public safety regulation of Tokyo”. It is quite illegal.
Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that the recent crackdown on Doro-Chiba is intended at union busting on Doro-Chiba that is squarely confronted with the second stage of the “Second Offensive of Division and Privatization of Railway” and on a steady way of expanding union organization.
Doro-Chiba denounces the unjustified house search by the Metropolitan Police Department and declares its fresh determination to crush G8 Summit and to reestablish militant labor movement.

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA