Fight back against G8-Summit of war and poverty
June 23, 2008

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.64xx,)(Japanes)

Fight back against G8-Summit of war and poverty!
Workers of the World, Unite!

All the US West coast ports shut down on May 1
Workers’ March in San Francisco
Korean Workers’ Rally against privatization
May 24, Seoul
Workers March in Sibuya, Tokyo (June, 2007)

The world is in a revolutionary situation
Why are our wages so low? Why are our livings, livings of workers in such poverty?
Because capitalists are getting unprecedented gains, replacing full-time workers by temporary ones. They are making large profits, speculating on grain and oil. They are completely responsible for state of things today.
People of the world are getting angry. There are demonstrations and strikes everyday and everywhere: public sector workers in England, education workers in France, post and traffic workers in Germany, and health workers in Denmark etc. There are also food riots everywhere in the world, in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well as in the Middle East.
It’s high time to demonstrate our strength to Bush, Fukuda and the capitalists of the world.

War, disparity and poverty??enough is enough!
“Smash G8!”??this is the slogan of the working class. Let’s concentrate our anger to this point!
The Presidents and Prime ministers of the US, the UK, France, Japan and so on gather at a hotel at Lake Tohya in Hokkaido on July 7-10 to hold a G8-Summit.
G8-Summit and the working class are incompatible. The Iraqi War, existence and increase of working poor, privatization, dismantling of health care and pension systems, starvation and destruction of environment??all these things are their works from which we suffer extremely. Let’s smash the G8-Summit by united action of the working class!

Let’s change the world by power of labor movement!
Let’s make a revolt at our workshops! Let’s make a massive demonstration on the street! Smash G8-Summit by strikes and demonstrations! Arrogant capitalists and their politicians can do nothing in face of revolts at workshops.
Doro Chiba (National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba) waged a spring offensive strike this year and made an appeal of unity and solidarity across industries and workplaces. Let’s create a fighting labor movement that can defeat capitalists and the state power! Let’s get back true labor union to us, overthrowing misleaders of existing labor unions; they yield to capitalists and the state power saying, “Struggles can provide workers with nothing”.

Let’s make a powerful demonstration on June 29 in Shibuya!
Metropolitan Police Department arrested 38 students at Hosei University on May 28-29: Hosei 38 were demonstrating on campus and making an appeal for a student strike of “Smash G8!”. G8-Summit intends to break down fighting unity between workers and students.
The state power is awfully scared of strikes and demonstrations. G8-leaders must know that they can’t hold a conference calmly. Let’s make a huge march of 10,000 people!
Let’s demonstrate together and create unity! Let’s express our anger! Let’s transform Shibuya into a town of angry workers, students, the elderly and farmers!

June 29, 13:00 Zone B, Yoyogi Parc
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