Where has their safety awareness gone?
06 March 2006

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.6247,)(Japanes)

Where has their safety awareness gone?


Where has their safety awareness gone? There is no sense remaining in JR bosses. On 8 February, 17:54, at Matsugisi station in Sobu Main Line, the train 457M could not regain its break cylinder pressure and it went down to zero when it tried to depart. But a commander of the trains did not arrange inspection after receiving the report, gave an order to run it.

The train driver found the same situation again at Kuzumi station on 21:26. It is downhill in Kuzumi and the driver had to use emergency break in order to stop the train. But again, the commander ordered the driver to run it after break cylinder pressure regained. The train had to run 58 km for another hour and nobody knew when the break lose its pressure.

The driver reported it to the manager of Chosi driving division when it reached Chosi station, but the manager did not arrange inspection. The train had to run the following morning and was, later, finally sent to the Makuhari Coaches Centre for examination.

The biggest problem for the railway staff is how to stop the running trains. The most important system to stop trains is the break system. But the bosses demanded the driver to keep run it despite the break malfunction. This is really grave problem. We have Examination Branch Office but they neglected its arrangement. Some of them "tested" the break by themselves but how can they analyze the cause of trouble without any appropriate knowledge and technique? It was just a luck that we did not have an accident.

According to the report from Makuhari Coach Centre, a terminal of B-1 Direct Electromagnetic valve was loosen. The circuit happened to be working OK while running, but it could have been cut off anytime anywhere. If break did not function, how can you stop the train? It was quite dangerous situation, but the JR Company did not understand it as dangerous - this is a real danger.

Managers! Listen to voice of rank and file!
Work on the radical safety measure!
Stop the speed-up!
Narita Express's 130 km/hour run is dangerous!

Let's win the Safety Driving Struggle from 10 March!
Accomplish the 1st strike on 13 March and 2nd strike on 16-18 March!

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