Let's speak out! No to Koizumi!
24 October 2005

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.6177,)(Japanes)

Let's speak out! No to Koizumi!
Come along to November Workers' Rally!


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that the average wage of Japanese workers have kept declining 7 years in a row. Average annual income is 4,380,000 yens (approximately $40,000 or 22,000 pounds). This is below the average annual income of 1989. Workers' wage is falling down to the level of 15 years ago.

The reality, however, is much worse. The IRS says that the wage is declining, number of employees is decreasing (more than 130,000 losses), but the amount of withholding tax in the last financial year has increased by 330 billion yens. This tells us that the workers are squeezed by the tax increase and the abolition of deduction for the spouses.

Come to think of the premium for pension, employment insurance and nursing care insurance, the take-home earnings should be as low as that of 20 years ago.

Thinking about these situations, it is just like the entire pay rise after the privatization of Japan National Railway 18 years ago has been canceled. The reality of Japanese workers is really serious now. The workers cannot survive without struggles.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has announced that approximately 20% of the households are earning just below 2 million yens annually (about $20,000 or 10,000 Pounds). This means that workers take only 120,000 yens at home monthly ($1,200 or 600 Pounds, roughly). How much on earth is remaining after paying fee for rent, electricity, water and gas? One of five workers lives just like this. This is the reality.

More than a million households are now living with social security. It means 1,430,000 persons. One in 100 of Japanese population is surviving the daily life only with the help of social security. This is the truth of Japan, "one of the foremost economic powers" in the world. The gap between the rich and the poor has been growing quite rapidly, and the workers have been victimized.

Meanwhile, one in three listed companies has gained unprecedented profit.


Who has brought this reality? It is Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan, and Hiroshi Okuda, president of KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation).

During 4 years of Koizumi administration, 2,600,000 full-time workers have lost their jobs and have been replaced by 1,950,000 unstable workers with no rights and quite low wages.

Ten years ago, the Japan Business Federation issued a report, "Japanese way of management in the new era", and said they wanted to replace 90% of full-time workers with unstable employees. And now, the ratio of unstable workers in the whole workforce has increased from 17% to 34%. As to female workers or young workers under 24-year-old, unstable status is higher than 50%.

Koizumi and Okuda are about to destroy not just the right of survival for workers but also their dream and their hope as well. Koizumi says "We should not allow vested rights of 270,000 postal workers as public workers", "Turn public into private" and insists as if the public workers are the root of all evil. He repeats its demagogy again and again, in order to divide the workers, make workers to fight each others, and conceal the essence of the problem. Now we can be killed if we remain silent. Let's make our angry voices heard!


Next 2 years will be checkered time. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the business circles are aiming to corrupt the Constitution in 2007. They will attack postal workers in order to privatize postal service in 2007. Their plan to increase the consumption tax from present 5% to 16% is also expected to be in 2007. Proposed corruption of Labour Act will also be done in 2007 to destroy the workers' rights to unite. They want to change everything including employments, wages and pensions. They want power to wage wars.

The coming 2 years will be the decisive battle for trade union movement. Koizumi's plan cannot be made without any resistance. Anything can happen. It is no doubt, we believe, that working people will start to speak out and reboot the labour movement.

Now is the time to fight. The leaderships of JR-Union and Rengo do not represent workers at all. We need to overcome corrupt trade union leaderships and regain the unity among workers. The unity of workers is the only strength to change this terrible reality.

- Reclaim the real trade unions!
- Regain the unity!
- Let's speak out!
- Change the corrupt society!
- Stop Koizumi administration!
- Workers can do it in solidarity!

Come along to Hibiya, Tokyo, on 6 November!
Tens of thousands of workers! Make you angry voices heard!

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