2005 November 6 National Workers' Rally

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.60xx,)(Japanes)

2005 November 6 National Workers' Rally

Hibiya Open-air Stage, Tokyo

International Labor Solidarity Against War and Privatization, Against Union Busting!
We don't allow:
Revision of the Constitution
Revision of the Fundamental Law on Education,
Adoption of Tsukuru-kai textbooks
Rise of nationalism
Enhancement of Japan-U.S. Security Alliance
East Asian Free Economic Zone
The JR accident in Amagasaki
Privatization of Postal Services and Reform of Civil Service System
Revision of Labor Laws
Oppression on Kan-Nama
Disciplinary measures against the struggle against Hinomaru and Kimigayo
Criminalization of the struggle of the 1047 dismissed National Railway Workers
Slander campaign against civil public workers' "illegal benefits"
Destruction of Right to Organize

Build up a nationwide network of militant labor unions!

Initiated by Solidarity Union of Japan Construction and Transport Workers Kansai Area Branch (Kan-Nama), Metal and Machinery Workers' Union in Osaka Minato-Godo, and National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba (Doro-Chiba)

Nov. 6 National Workers Rally
Call for endorsement and participation

Violent Attacks on Labor Unions
Take Back Unity!
Change the labor movement, fighting back against war, privatization and union busting! Take back our unity and revive labor unions! Let us create a fighting united front, respecting difference of opinions and increasing the common points!
A large-scale oppression on Kan-Nama, attack on education workers who refused to pledge their loyalty to eHinomaru and Kimigayof by means of disciplinary measures, criminalization of the struggle of the dismissed 1047 National Railway workers for their reinstatement, crackdown on postal workers and municipal workers show recent escalation of attack on right to organizer or even the very existence of labor unions.
The recent railway accident in Amagasaki shockingly revealed what will happen in public transport when the labor union is deprived of its unity and the market principles are given priority.
Don Allow Rise of Nationalism! Stop the War Drive!
The Koizumi administration is feverishly rushing for war in cooperation with the Bush administration: the Fundamental Law on Education and the Constitution are going to be revised, a reactionary campaign is organized to adopt the junior high school textbooks edited by the revisionist Tsukuru-kai; nationalism is rapidly expanding, and Japan-US Security Treaty is being reinforced.
Faced with these fierce attacks, even labor unions are going to give up their policy of defending the Constitution: Rengo is now degenerating into a force for constitutional revision. Let us break this critical situation of labor movement by massive mobilization of angry rank and file unionists.

Don Allow Privatization / Union Busting!
Fight back against an all-out drive for privatization of the Postal Services and the operations of the national as well as local government! The privatization means subordination of all the society to the dog-eat-dog market principles, casualization of almost all of workers and above all violent union busting. It is an urgent task of labor movement to organize those casual workers.
The Japan Business Federation claims, gthe Labor Standard Law is a hangover of the age of the Factory Lawh, argues a radical revision of the labor laws, including rules and regulations of working hours and labor contracts and demands, gAbolish Article 9, Section 2 of the Constitution (eLand, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintainedf)h, gRevise the Fundamental Law on Educationh, gCarry out resolutely unreserved deregulation and privatization,h and gJapanese foreign policy should focus on building up of East Asian Free Economic Zone and stepping-up of the Japan-US Security Treaty.h Violent attempts are being made to dismantle social security system and to increase taxes.

Build up a nationwide network of militant labor unions!
The struggle of education workers to refuse to obey eHinomaru and Kimigayof ceremonies has galvanized fellow workers across the country. The struggle against the revision of the Fundamental Law on Education and the struggle of 20 unions and organizations headed by transport workersf unions on land, sea, air and longshore against war developed into united actions across the different labor federations. The Metal workers of Zenkin-Motoyama won a historic victory making the company withdraw dismissal and to reinstate dismissed unionists after 34 yearsf struggle.
Workers all over the world have begun to strive for regaining power to create a new age through forging unity and solidarity. Therefore, on November 6, we are going to hold an international labor solidarity rally of Japanese, U.S. and Korean workers who fight against war, privatization and union busting.

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