Discussing 2005-2007 Struggle(Report 1)
4 February 2005

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The 13th All Branch Activist School - Discussing 2005-2007 Struggle (Report 1)

Doro-Chiba railway union had its 13th All Branch Activist School from 30th to 31st January in Nasu-Shiobara. Here we print the outline of a speech at the first day: "Labour Movement During the War" given by Hiroshi NAKANO, Doro-Chiba's regular adviser.


First of all, what is the year 2005? It has been 60 years since the Atomic bombs' releases and Japan's defeat, 60 years since the enactment of Labour Union Act, and 50 years since the formation of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. And the year 2007 is the 70th anniversary of promulgation of the Constitution and the 60th anniversaries of Fundamental Law on Education and Labour Standards Law. But now, politicians and big business have prepared concrete schedule to "amend" the Constitution in order to change all post-war social system and ideas like three principals of "sovereign power lying with the people", "abandonment of wars" and "fundamental human rights" all written in the present Constitution which has been the base of post-war "peace and democracy". Their target is not just the Constitution, but Fundamental Law on Education, Labour Standards Law and Local Autonomy Law as well. The beginning of this attack was "closing of post-war politics" attack in 1980's which began with division and privatization of state-run Japan National Railway. They have kept targeting trade unions and tried to destroy the unity of workers.

"Structure reformation without sanctuary" and "Okuda Vision" produced by Koizumi-Okuda line (PM Junichiro Koizumi and president of big business Hiroshi OKUDA), and the 2005 Report of Management Labour Committee produced by Japan Business Federation clearly show their idea to change the system of Japan. They have abolished lots of regulations, disorganized Labour related acts and social security which resulted destruction of wages, destruction of employment and destruction of lives themselves. They are willing to announce their tentative this year in order to deteriorate Fundamental Law on Education and the Constitution. The present Far East Security is to become World Security through dispatch of Japan's Self Defence Force to Iraq and formation of US-Japan axis. And it is the fundamental crisis of capitalism - economic and financial ones - that have driven them to wage these attacks.


The development of Japan has been under influence of international situation and the aggressive war on Iraq. Characteristic of re-elected Bush government is especially important and decisive. Bush said "freedom or oppression" in his inaugural address and declared his determination. In the midst of quagmire of Iraq after the attack on Fallujah, it is exercised as 15,000-troop dispatch to Tsunami suffering areas that the Transformation of US world strategy aims at North Africa, Middle East and Far East through formation of US-UK-Japan axis.

The back ground of this is a new division of the world, emerging new blocs, and commencement of Depression course which are shown in the growing "Twin Deficit" (trade deficit and financial deficit) of the US, massive Dollar drop, the launch of enhanced European Union and etc. The gap between the rich and the poor has grown and the working class is suffering storm like war and privatization attacks.


But now, international workers' movement has started to regain its power in US, South Korea and Europe. In Japan, Workers' Rally on 7 November 2004 won a big success as international solidarity meeting together with ILWU Local 10 which was the back bone of Million Worker March and KCTU Seoul Regional Council. Teachers of Tokyo Metropolitan High School Teachers' Union who are fighting against Hinomaru & Kimigayo (Rising Sun flag and Emperor's song) and many more workers assembled from all over Japan. Fighting workers and unions have been isolated since the disbandment of Sohyo (General Council of Trade Union of Japan) and formation of Rengo (Japan Trade Union Confederation), right wing trade union national centre, but workers have finally built up unity among activists and grasped the perspective to fight back against "the country that wages war". War and privatization can prevail only when workers lose their unity. What we built in the struggle of 2004 was the basis of the unity. This is a big foothold for the coming struggle.


@Battle fields in 2005 are labour unions, education and media. They are decisive and the loss of these can be fatal. Fundamental Law on Education and the Constitution are like two sides of the same coin. The rulers cannot wage war without changing education. They talk about devastation of schools and declining of achievement ability, but their real aim is to make youngsters to devote themselves for the state and businesses. Amendment of Fundamental Law on Education is a direct step forward to the corruption of the Constitution. "No to Hinomaru and Kimigayo, Not-standing-up struggle" in March and April (the end and beginning of academic year) has a big potentiality in this very sense. Teachers have to protect "Never send our students to the war field again" charter which has been irreplaceable slogan of Nikkyoso (Japan Teachers' Union). As to media, it is the fight against pre-war type censorship on mass media. Situation is quite serious and the news nowadays looks alike the news from the "Imperial Headquarters" during war time. The aim of PM Koizumi's "Honebuto (large-boned) Reformation IV" is to destroy Nikkyoso, Jichiro (All Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers' Union) and JPU (Japan Postal Workers' Union). If we lose the fight against Management Labour Committee's 2005 Report which demands "restructuring offensive", we will lose our future. Fight back against Honebuto Reformation IV! Organize for anti-war demo on 20 March! Workers' fight in this spring will be decisive for future of Japan. Let's build up the Spring Labour Offensive 2005 through the unity of working class people to fight against war and privatization!

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