Compulsively Allocated Union Members Got Back Their Job!
1 February 2005

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.6012,)(Japanes)

Compulsively Allocated Union Members Got Back Their Job!


Photo: Three Doro-Chiba union members, Rokuro YOSHINO, Masao KAMAGATA, Akira UCHIDA, won the maintenance job back in Makuhari Train Section on 25 January.

On 25 January, Rokuro YOSHINO, Masao KAMAGATA, Akira UCHIDA won their maintenance jobs back and started to work in Makuhari Train Section. Together with Yukinari YOSHINO, Yoshiaki TOYAMA, Kazuhiko FUKUSHIMA, Masato OKAYASU, Hideki FUKAWA, Noboru YOSHINO, we have had 9 workers who returned to their jobs.
Rokuro and Masao were drivers. Akira was in preparatory course and had been refused to become driver due to union discrimination even after getting driver's license.
All the three were repeatedly relocated many workplaces after the first unfair dislocation order under the storm like union busting attacks at the time of Japan National Railway's division and privatization.
Akira, especially, was transferred from driving maintenance section in Tsudanuma Train Section to notorious "Funabashi Human Resources Usage Centre" followed by many other relocations including cleaner's job in unmanned station of Mobara area for eighteen and a half years. It was only 5 years that he did his original job.
This HAS BEEN the "JNR's division and privatization attack". The returning to maintenance job is not a final solution in this sense. They have still been refused to become drivers. But yet, we can say that three workers' comeback was a big step forward won by all the union members.
While thinking the passed 20 years, we cannot stop our fury coming up again from bottom of our guts. This dirty manoeuvre has been repeated for years and years under JR-JRU (JR Soren) collusion ruling. But union members have kept fighting with workers' pride in their hearts. They are Doro-Chiba union's irreplaceable treasure.
The comeback can be just a step, but is a big victory.


The victory was achieved through the passed 4-year-struggles including strikes and disobedience fighting against "another division & privatization attack". We have stopped subcontracting of maintenance work and station work. As a result, the bosses have lost enough numbers of maintenance workers and had to accept our demand for the return. What we have learned here is the importance to stick to the principals of labour movement.
It was as if we were facing thick and strong wall. But JRU (JR Soren), who was cooperating privatization and warmly entertained by the bosses, are now losing their power. We have been fighting against this wall with the unity of fellow union members. And finally, we have struck through the wall. This is really precious achievement.
We should not forget the principals. We fight 2005 Spring Labour Offensive as the 2nd bout to smash compulsory allocations. We will enlarge "the small hall" in the thick wall. Let's fight together and win back all the transferred comrades.


On 23 January, more than 1000 workers got together at emergency rally in Osaka, protesting against unlawful suppression on Kan-Nama union. The protest was called by Wet Concrete Industry Dealing Council (Kan-Nama union, Kotsu-Roren's Wet Concrete Industry Union and All Japan Dockworkers' Union Osaka Branch). All the participants gave angry voice to Osaka Police.
Doro-Chiba sent 2 union members as a delegate. We made resolution to smash this massive suppression with the power of unity.

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA