The Solidarity Statement with the Workers of Unite-HERE Local 2
October 14, 2004

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(Union News "The DC News " No.52,)(Japanes)

The Solidarity Statement with the Workers of Unite-HERE Local 2

The Japanese workers' delegation to the Million Worker March stands together today with the thousands of San Francisco hotel and restaurant workers who are members of Unite-HERE Local 2.

They either are on strike or have been locked out of their jobs by multi-billion dollar hotel chains who want to cut their healthcare and prevent them from having a common expiration date for their contract with other hotel workers around the country.

In Japan, Japanese hotel workers have also been fighting for basic rights. We fully support the right of hotel workers and all workers to have healthcare benefits for themselves and their families in both the US and Japan.

The fight of US workers to protect their healthcare is not just an issue of US workers but workers throughout the world. We in Japan are also under attack. While the Japanese government is spending billions for the war on Iraq they are cutting our own healthcare and retirement benefits.

The international tourism industry is one of the most profitable in the world and it is the workers who make it profitable yet these international hotel owners are seeking to destroy the very conditions and benefits for the workers who make them their profits.

We have come to the United States to join with thousands of other workers who are fighting for national healthcare here and around the world. The US government is seeking to privatize healthcare in Canada and around the world.

We will work to build support for this just struggle in Japan by publicizing the issues of the San Francisco hotel and restaurant workers and to make sure that the Japanese people do not go to any hotels in San Francisco that is either on strike or locked out.

Our struggle is united and we know that the members of Unite-HERE will be successful.

October 14, 2004
In Solidarity
Japanese Workers' Delegation to the Million Worker March

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