JRU East Got Out Of Hand.
12 August 2004

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.5923,)(Japanes)

Why Do Trade Unions Exist? : JRU East Got Out Of Hand.

The annual meeting of JR-Union (JRU) East, Chiba District was in confusion. On the evening of the first day, a central executive member was violent towards a member of the anti-head office faction. As he insisted he was not wrong, the conference ended up being cancelled.

The resumed conference was held on 31 July, but Chiba district which is the head office faction again insisted "The violent incident is a lie and frame-up". Twenty-seven representatives demanded an apology and refused to attend, but the Chiba district of JRU East withdrew the status of 3 representatives, replaced them with those who failed to win the election as new representatives, and continued the conference with 'two thirds attendance'.

We have never heard of such a story. No rules or codes seem to apply there. They can do anything with members who follow and obey them. The reason for withdrawing the status was that it was only those 3 people who lost the elections, even though they came 2nd. JRU East, Chiba district is already half broken, split into two.


What seems strange is that JR Company is trying to help the JRU East (Kakumaru) in such a situation. Actually, the JRU East can only insist on this kind of irrational union administration and can only silence its members with the Company's support.

"The violence is a lie" - The grounds of their District view is that an executive of Chiba branch of JR Company said there was no violence. But this man was drinking together with JRU East executive when the violence happened.

Just recently, 2 workers have been transferred to Kisaradsu in Chiba, Doro-Chiba's stronghold. The Company kept pressuring them not to join Doro-Chiba, and ended up trying to retransfer them against their will just in less than a month.

This is a really abnormal situation. The reign of collusion between JR Company and JRU East (Kakumaru) seems to have collapsed. Such a situation cannot last any more.


But what is the problem and what is important here? We dare to say that we need to think what a trade union is and why we need unity of workers now. Many workers and union members are fed up with the 'trade union' itself under the long collusion rule of JR Company and JRU East (Kakumaru). It's sad but many of them think it is wise not to get involved with this, and just to obey the company to a certain extent for self-protection.

The JRU East is split between the Head Office faction and the anti-Head Office faction, and they hate each other. But actually, they look alike. We know some members in anti-Head Office faction want justice and strongly protest against JRU East, Chiba District. But under Kobayashi, the Ex-President who is anti-Head Office, they also colluded with the company and discriminated against other union members.

In their leaflets, we can see their hatred of Head Office and its faction, but can see no clue as to what kind of trade union they are aiming for.


Trade unions are supposed be the most important organization for workers. Companies pursuit profit, prevent unity, make workers compete and fight together for a little bit of bonus or promotion, destroy the right of workers, and try to make robot-like employees. They put profit before safety.

The trade union was born to fight against these oppressions by the companies. So, the most important thing for trade unions is 'comradeship', 'unity', and 'pride' as workers. Trade unions essentially exist for the workers' benefit: 'Workers are the leading figures of workplace and the whole society'.

Rank and file members of JRU East and all the unions! Please consider the question we have posed here. Doro-Chiba union has cherished comradeship and unity in whatever tough and difficult situations. And it is the JRU East (Kakumaru) who has destroyed them in collusion with the Company.

Let's build genuine solidarity and a real trade union in our work place. Join Doro-Chiba, and fight together!

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