14 June 2004

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(Union News "Daily DORO CHIBA" No.5894,)(Japanes)


On Sunday 20 June, from 3 pm, we are holding joint commemoration ceremony for late General Secretary Eiichi Nakamura and late Chuo Branch Deputy President Yutaka Seki at DC Hall. We call all the union members to gather for commemorating GS Nakamura and Mr. Seki, and enrich our unity.

It's been already one month since GS Nakamura passed away because of subarachnoid haemorrhage in the early morning of 15 May. Every one of us lost words from this sad news. We can remember him clearly leading all the branches in Labour Offensive. Exceptionally, he was not a full-time GS. As driving trains, he shouldered the heavy burden of GS in the Doro-Chiba union. He left us in his second-term as GS and at the time he started to show his real ability on activities for organizing and fighting at workplaces. This is a real pity. We miss him very much. In the fight against JR Company & JR-Union's reign, we have got a big achievement in this spring. Broadening this horizon is what GS Nakamura pursued more than anything.

Before our tear had been dried up, we had to hear another sad news. One of our colleagues, Yutaka Seki, passed away. Seki ruined his health on March this year and was diagnosed as pancreas cancer. He enjoyed tennis, his favourite sport, just before going to hospital, and everything happened suddenly.

Seki was an executive committee member of Doro Chiba-branch even before we split from Doro head office (Doro supported privatization as union and later became JR-Union). He became committee member of Doro-Chiba when we got independent in 1979, and lead our union in every fight. After stepping down from full-time executive and going back to workplace, he stood as branch president of Shin-Koiwa branch to fight against privatization in 1987, and stood as chair for Freight Council. Even after retiring JR Co., he became a Doro-Chiba Alumnus member and stayed with us.

Here, we would like to pray for the souls of the late GS Nakamura and Mr. Seki.

Come along to the commemoration ceremony and renew our resolution for the fight and unity.


On Sunday 20 June, from 10 am, the Doro-Chiba railway trade union (DC) is holding its 51st committee assembly at DC Hall. This assembly is important to review the Spring Labour Offensive of 2004 and Non-Cooperative struggle (refusing to work except the fixed program), and also crucial to decide how to construct the workers' movement in the period of war and mass unemployment and to fight against dispatching Japan's Self Defence Force to Iraq, the war related bills enactment, pension corruption, breaking of social security system etc.

After the sudden death of General Secretary Eiichi Nakamura last month, we selected Toshiyuki Osada as deputy. We have to (re)strengthen our unity to follow in GS Nakamera's footsteps at the assembly. Not to mention about committee members and head office executives, but any members are welcome to join the assembly to observe.

It is sure that we live in the midst of the tempestuous period. Japan's SDF has been sent to Iraq which is clearly a battlefield. Enactment of 7 bills for national emergency related legislation and conclusion of 3 international treaties are obvious preparation for occupation on Iraq and coming war on North Korea. The PM Jun'ichiro Koizumi is corrupting pension system, but he and his company had promoted their own interests at the cost of the pension system. We have to step up our fight with rage.

As to Japan Railway (JR) Company, the bosses have tightened restriction on workers. They say they do it in order to keep safety, but safety has been eroded because of their own failure, especially because of division and privatization. And it is us, the workers, who are fighting for the driving safety. Now is the phase to win the dispute and solve the series of the problems derived from privatization in 1987. Following the passed GS Nakamura's footstep, we have to win new members and strengthen our union. Successful committee assembly is the key to reinforce our unity for the next fight!

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA