Photo gallery: 25 Year-History of Doro-Chiba
1 May 2004

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(Union News "DC News" No.40,)(Japanes)

Photo gallery: 25 Year-History of Doro-Chib

12 August 1977 (Previous history)
Rally to oppose opening of Sanridzuka (Narita) Airport and to stop jet fuel freights for the airlines

February 1978 (Previous history)
Struggle to stop scabbing deputy engine drivers to check the rail track

30 March 1979
Launch Rally of Doro-Chiba
22 October 1979
Struggle to stop Sanridzuka & Jet Fuel Freight
Carry Out Strike! Rising Rally in Narita Branch

Fight in Solidarity!
Demo around the workplace!

6 April 1984
Driver Hirano was killed at railroad crossing accident.
Impeach Authority! Rising Rally on 6 April
17 November 1985
Stop the privatization and division of JNR!
Strike declaration at Hibiya Outside Music Hall
13 April 1989
Long-term strikes in waves.
Strike in Makuhari branch.
1 April 1993
Rising rally for strike from the 1st to 2nd April
27 March 1997
All the 28 workers dismissed under Pubic Workers Act won their jobs back!
The 24th Doro-Chiba extra conferece.
14 July 2003
Doro-Chiba visited USA.
San Francisco Workers' Council voted for resolution to support Doro-Chiba.
23 October 2003
Yasuhiro Tanaka, president of Doro-Chiba, had an honor to shake hands with DAN Byung-Ho, President of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. At general headquarter of KCTU, Seoul.
9 November 2003
Three trade unions (Kansai-Namakon, Minato-Godo and Doro-Chiba) co-hosted International Solidarity Rally.
Representatives from Korea, USA and Japan trade unions departed from Hibiya Music Hall.

The 25th Anniversary
And fight will enter the new stage...

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA