26 Feb 2004

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(Union News "Nikkan DORO CHIBA" No.5825,)(Japanes)

We've won!

As of 24:00, 25th of February, we've decided to go back to work with our heads held high.
Now, prepare for another fight in 2004 Spring Labour Offensive!

----- < 1 > ------

This can be just a first step, but yet, a big victory! The meaning of this winning is huge, considering <A> its achievement and <B> the circumstance we are in:

<A> Achievement - We made them retreat from several battle fields:

- unlawful order to change job and workplace of our union member, Hataki, without his consent

- discriminatory denial of promotion to official train drivers of our union members

- denial of demand to go back to their original workplace for workers who were enforced to change their workplace

- neglect to employ new mechanic and engineer at inspection and maintenance yard

- refusal of demand to go back to train driver's job (wherever it is) for drivers who were unlawfully expelled by their driver's job

<B> Remember that we have been under dual oppressions by JR East Company and JR East "Union". Almost all the demand by DORO-CHIBA have been rejected for 17 years (!) under JR new companies' reign after privatization and fragmentation in 1987.

And now, not just train drivers and railway workers, but all the workers have been treated like animals under the rule of Koizumi (Prime Minister) & Okuda (boss of capitalists' organization).

Under these circumstances, we have fought and won! This advancement means a LOT for the future battle.

----- < 2 > ------

We have struck again and again to demand solution of unlawful treatment and bad condition. It has been the fight for 20 years after preparation of privatization and fragmentation of state's run Japan National Railway (JNR), and for 17 years after the start of Japan Railway (JR) Companies.

But every time, JR East Company has ignored our demand and urgently scabbed with the help of JR East Union. We have been betrayed cruelly and continually but have not given up the fight. We kept fighting. This time, we have finally crushed the wall! This is a historic victory.

----- < 3 > ------

The passed 3 years was especially important. JR East Companies banned train areas to destroy the union, and tried to subcontract inspections and maintenance works. We call this as "another privatization and fragmentation attack". We recognized their aim and fought with all our force. We have struck, done "Go Slow" and organized every direct actions.

Without this 3-year fighting, including the struggle against "senior system" and against subcontracting, the victory this time could not have been achieved. It was not just one strike, but the whole process of the struggle for 3 years that ensured the victory.

----- < 4 > ------

Fight against "another privatization and fragmentation" has not yet finished. The JR East Company neglected to employ new workers for years. This can mean mass retirement and lack of skilful workers in very future. This is an impasse of privatization and fragmentation attack. We have to fight the decisive battle soon. If we fail to organize effective fight and just waste time, unity of our union can be destroyed under the stormy attack.

We knew this danger. That was the reason we decided to fight all-out war. The achievement of this fight can give us a chance to go to next stage of battle.

Now, dual reign by JR East Company and JR East Union started to crumble down. The problem of privatization and fragmentation began to escalate. Their rule started to show their weak point more than ever.

----- < 5 > ------

The fight started unexpectedly (*) and seemed quite harsh.

(*) A train driver, one of our union members passed away. JR East Company refused to promote a trade unionist for the vacancy. He had been discriminatory refused to promote to driver for nearly 20 years because he is a member of our trade union. The Company also gave an order to another trade unionist, Hataki, to change his job and workplace without his consent. He has worked nearly 40 years and is supposed to retire next year.

We needed to prepare the fight really soon, but thanks to the devotion of Hataki and all the union members and branches from the very first day of struggle. We succeeded to start fighting in good order and to show our unity. The victory is the fruit of this unity and solidarity.

Our struggle has shaken the JR East Company. Especially, Our decision and determination to refuse practice of ATS-P (training about a preservation device change of Tokyo basement route) which could have meant stoppage of rapid trains of the trunk line between Chiba and Tokyo. This solid determination of our union members shocked the bosses.

----- < 6 > ------

JR East Company will not be able to ignore our demand any more. We know, however, that we still have a long way to go. This is just the first fight and the first victory. And the winning will attract much bigger attacks. So we must prepare for another fight.

----- < 7 > ------

Headquarter of DORO-CHIBA wants to address our thanks to all our union members, their families and its unity. Here, we declare the victory and go back to work with our heads held high. This is the new starting point for the 2004 Spring Labour Offensive.

Lastly, headquarter wants to ask all our honourable union members. The fight has just begun. Enjoy the achievement we've had, but prepare to expectable condensed reaction.

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA