Now we are at 10th day of our struggle!
19 Feb 2004

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(Union News "Nikkan DORO CHIBA" No.5823,)(Japanes)

Now we are at 10th day of our struggle!

We will fight thoroughly and

not hesitate to make a long term struggle!

A week after we've rushed in struggle!

A week after rushing in struggle. We keep on fighting in perfect order.

JR company orders us training of ATS-P (training about a preservation device change of Tokyo basement route) during our waiting time and they are making unforgivable interference with our strike by commanding us holiday work again and again in spite of our notice of strike.

We impeach them thoroughly and keep on fighting rushing in strike by workers designated by the union as we have noticed.

Our union members have already rushed in strike one after another. 3 members besides Mr. Hataki in Chiba driver branch, 9 members in Tateyama branch and 1 member in Tsudanuma branch. But this is only the beginning of our strike.

Let's keep on fighting with resolution

JR Chiba branch office has commanded all the workers to refrain from taking a paid holiday. They are making desperate efforts to find the extra personnel required to discourage us. But we are not defeated. We roused ourselves to put an end to unjust discrimination, unfair labor practice and DORO-CHIBA busting for 17 years after privatization. We will fight with resolution. We never connive at the pain of our union member just suffering unfair allocation attack (in spite that he is close at hand to retirement), the pain of the members refused driver official announcement for 20 years and the pain of the members allocated unfairly for 17 years. We never forgive JR company.

We demanded fairness and roused ourselves again and again. But JR company ignored it and they only thought of scabbing measures connected with JR-SOREN (Japan Confederation of Railway Workers' Unions). We have been betrayed again and again. These attacks must be stopped, we thought again and again.

We are not afraid to bleed. We determined to fight thoroughly and we do not hesitate to make a long term struggle. This is the fight to put an end to the division / privatization attack of National Railways.

Focus is the fight after 29th

We showed our solid determination in the struggle of Round 1. Focus of Round 2 is the fight after 29th. We refused training of ATS-P. Therefore, after 29th, it will be impossible for JR company to command workers to drive rapid train of Sobu line which is the aorta to Tokyo.

A company will mobilize all the scabbing. But it will not last for a long time. On the contrary, it will be impossible to keep on scabbing while it is exposed to a voice of anger every day.

We also notified to JR company to refuse every extra work even if in the situation of transportation confusion. In case extra work is commanded, we get off work on a vehicle promptly at the place.

Critical moment is from now on. We will take perfect struggle system.

-Daily Doro-Chiba No. 5823 dated February 19, 2004-