Let's make a nation-wide network of fighting labor unions!
October 30, 2003.

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(Union News "Nikkan DORO CHIBA" No.5756)(Japanes)

International unity to confront the big unemployment and the war!

11.9 all over Japan rally of the workers
HIBIYA outdoor concert hall@œstart at 12:00a.m.
KAN-NAMA (the solidarity union of Japan construction and transport
@@@@@@ workers KANSAI area branch)
@@@@@@@MINATO-GODO (metal and machinery workers' union in OSAKA)
@@@@@@@DORO-CHIBA (The National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba )

œBy solidarity of all workers, letfs repel bankruptcy / discharge / wage cut / unstable employment / dismantling of labor law system & social security system.
Now is the time that we workers canft live without uniting ourselves to fight on. Letfs make up our unity in every working place and every living place. Let's organize labor unions at disorganized working places and let's fight against big offensive by big capitals.
œLetfs make up the struggle gNo completion of, No invocation of, No obedience to emergency legislationh! Let's stop the Self-Defense Force dispatch to Iraq and stop the war of aggression to North Korea!
The Koizumi government has stepped on a road to war again through the establishment of emergency-related 3 laws and trying to dispatch the Self-Defense Force to Iraq.
But in this February, the demonstration of more than 20millions people and workers in the world burst into flames against Iraqi war. Also in Japan, gthe land / the sea / the sky / the harbor 20 labor union groupsh are making up big movement to block the emergency laws. Letfs enlarge this power and create much bigger anti-war struggle.
œLetfs smash arrest attack to KOKURO (the National Railway Workers' Union) members and let's win in 1047 KOKURO discharge withdrawal struggle by solidarity of all workers!
Discharge withdrawal struggle of 1047 JNR (Japan National Railways) workers influences the future of all workers and unions fighting to revive militant labor movement. Letfs make up a fight to defeat the surrender of KOKURO (the National Railway Workers' Union) headquarters. Letfs bring back our 8 brothers of KOKURO who are forced long-term imprisonment.
œLetfs smash the police oppression to the labor movement intended to destroy the right of organization and stop the establishment of conspiracy crime by solidarity of all workers!
The Koizumi government and the financial world are afraid of united power of the workers than anything else. Therefore they are escalating police oppression and labor disputes busting. Letfs keep on fighting breaking up unfair oppression and laws of oppression.
œLetfs develop solidarity and cooperative struggle of workers across the border of Japan / United States / South Korea!
Solidarity of workers across the border is the road to victory. With solidarity and cooperative struggle of Japan / United States / South Korea workers, letfs block the aggression and the war of imperialism. Let's open up our new age. ILWU (the International Longshore & Warehouse Union) Local-10 publishes the slogan of "The War At Home & The War Abroad" and keep on fighting. They consider that domestic class war and the war abroad of aggression is the one thing. Letfs make up a nation-wide network of fighting labor unions also in Japan across the border of National Centers! Letfs acquire international solidarity of Japan / United States / South Korea workers!

We call for all the people to join in 11.9 workersf rally