11.9 All over Japan rally of the workers
October 15, 2003.

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(Union News "Nikkan DORO CHIBA" No.5756)(Japanes)


~ International unity to confront the big unemployment and the war ~

The Daily Doro-Chiba No.5756
October 12, 2003

Now we are standing on a big turning point of the times. Bush, Koizumi and Blair, they force the world "war and big unemployment". And the voice of anger is roaring all over the world against them.

We are facing the times that we cannot live without fighting on. The struggle of DORO-CHIBA is resonant with this voice of anger and we are ready to have workers' rally in November as an international solidarity rally of Japan / United States / South Korea workers.

And this day falls on a general election vote day unexpectedly. The majority of the second Koizumi cabinet is super hawkish and the extreme Right. It's the cabinet to wage war and to revise the Constitution. On the other hand, the Democratic Party (which merged Ozawa's Liberal Party) also raises a manifesto insisting revision of the Constitution and thorough deregulation / privatization. A street will be swept over by a flood of "war and the Constitution revision" campaign. In fact this is the first "Election of no opposition party" after World War ‡U.

We raise a voice of anger in 11.9 rally in such a situation. Our polling place is Hibiya outdoor concert hall.
Let's block aggression war to North Korea with international solidarity through Japan / United States / South Korea.

Let's repel bankruptcy / discharge / wage cut / unstable employment / dismantling of labor law system & social security system by solidarity of all workers!
Let's make up the struggle "No completion of, No invocation of, No obedience to emergency legislation"! Let's stop the Self-Defense Force dispatch to Iraq and stop the war of aggression to North Korea!
Let's smash arrest attack to KOKURO(the National Railway Workers' Union)
members and let's win in 1047 KOKURO discharge withdrawal struggle by
solidarity of all workers!
Let's smash the police oppression to the labor movement intended to destroy the right of organization and stop the establishment of conspiracy crime by solidarity of all workers!
Let's develop solidarity and cooperative struggle of workers across the border of Japan / United States / South Korea!
Down with "war-waging, the Constitution revising" Koizumi reactionary cabinet by solidarity of all the workers!

Let's make a nationwide network of fighting labor unions!

International solidarity rally of Japan / United States / South Korea workers

From United States;
Mr. Steve Zeltzer (Campaign Against Taft-Hartley, Repression and Privatization)
Mr. Paul C. Jensen (UTU: United Transportation Union)
ILWU Local 10 (International Longshore and Warehouse Union); expected

From South Korea;
KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) Seoul Area Local
Vice president
Director of organization

Greetings of Solidarity;
The meeting against 27/May Suppression at KOKURO Provisional Conference
Mr. Akio Sato
The meeting to realize the Japan Federation of Bar Associations for the Constitution and human rights
Mr. Shunkichi Takayama
Block the road to war-One Million Signature Campaign
Mr. Norio Odawara
And others


11.9 All over Japan rally of the workers
HIBIYA outdoor concert hall
November 9, 2003: Starts at 12:00 a.m.

Appealed by:
KAN-NAMA (the solidarity union of Japan construction and transport
workers KANSAI area branch)
MINATO-GODO (metal and machinery workers' union in OSAKA)
DORO-CHIBA (The National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba )