Stop outsourcing! No more Declaration of the 44th Annual Convention of Doro-Chiba

September 27, 2015

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Declaration of the 44th Annual Convention of Doro-Chiba
September 27, 2015

Doro-Chiba adopted unanimously a new policy of struggle on the 44th Annual Convention today held in the Union Hall. We resolutely confront with the second round offensive of the Division and Privatization by the JR Companies and also advance the fight against the rejection of a final appeal for the Japan Railways' employment discrimination at the time of the Division and Privatization of JNR in 1987.
Doro-Chiba made a final appeal in regard to the above case to the Supreme Court in 2013, but on June 30 of this year, the Court denied the appeal. This reactionary decision of the Supreme Court was an attempt to peremptorily put a period to the National Railway Struggle. Under the explosive situation of railroading the war legislation, the state power was finally forced to make a decision of dismantling militant labor movement at large. However, our consistent struggle has driven the Supreme Court into the corner. The Court was obliged to admit that the JR and the state power itself had committed unfair labor practices in its policy making of discriminating re-employment and dismissal at the time of the Division and Privatization. At last the bedrock of the assault of Division and Privatization of National Railway was shaken! This is a significant victory.
Our thirty year-long struggle has never let the Division and Privatization of JNR slide by as a past issue and prevented the completion of Rengo (system-friendly Japanese Trade Union Confederation) which was established to destroy militant labor movements in 1989.
Our persistent struggle against the Division and Privatization of JNR has defended labor movements and the rights of workers in the nick of time. Now we launch a fresh struggle to have the unfair dismissal withdrawn and laid-off workers reinstated.
We are now drawing up a strike plan to protest against the planned outsourcing toward October 1, the day our members were forced to go on loan to the subcontractor three years ago. We claim; “Cancel immediately our outsourcing contract and reinstate all jobs to JR!” The privatizing and outsourcing issues have not at all been settled yet. An all-out struggle starts from now on.
We denounce Abe administration with fierce anger for railroading the war legislation. However, this historic abominable onslaught has released millions of workers’ anger and let them swing into action, On August 30, more than 120,000 people occupied and liberated the closed area in front of the Diet building, breaking through the police’s cordon. The corrupt knots of Japan Communist Party (JCP) and Rengo became terrified and tried to calm the situation within the framework of co-opted opposition forces. But the protest action grew more and more militant every day and sparked a heavy clash with police power for a week. The history began to change then.
In addition to that, Abe administration is pushing its way to privatize the whole social institutions and shift all workers to non-regular (precarious or temporary) employment. The Worker Dispatch Act was forcibly revised for the worse that got called the “big switch since 1985”. The National Strategic Economic Zone, a core element of Abenomics’ growth strategy, is now substantially taking form. Around half of whole municipalities—896 of them—are at the brink of disappearing. Everything—education, healthcare, social security, etc.—is now about to be destroyed.
It has been four and a half years since the March 11 disaster, 2011. Far from being “under control” (Abe’s big lie to attract Olympic Games in 2020), the radioactive contamination from wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to expand further now. In spite of such circumstances, Abe administration enforced the restart of Sendai nuclear power plant in Kyushu while proceeds with the scheme of “earthquake disaster reconstruction” actually abandoning Fukushima people in despair. Outrage at the vicious acts of government erupts in Fukushima, Okinawa, Sanrizuka and everywhere.
Chinese bubble economy has finally begun to burst and the ruling classes all over the world are deadly scared by it. Millions of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa are moving toward Europe for sheer survival. This is the terrible reality that has been brought forth by the wars repeated by Imperialism and Stalinism. The postwar world system has collapsed. Everything has now started to heat up toward the boiling point.
“Split Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)!” Abe administration is screaming and is aiming to realign labor movement, transforming unions into pro-war-collaborator, reminiscent of the war-time Sangyo Hokokukai (Industrial Patriotic Association) founded in 1940. We must stop it at any cost.
The power of workers in unity is the driving force that fundamentally changes this society. Let’s bring the class-struggle labor movement to the forefront of this age now!

The situation of Japan Railways is changing drastically, alarmed by the collapse of the Division and Privatization of National Railways and the mass retirement problem. (As an inevitable result of hiring freeze in 1980s and early 1990s, the JR will soon face huge shortage of skilled workers because the whole generation hired before the freeze is now approaching their retirement age).
JR Hokkaido, JR Shikoku, JR Freight and almost all rural lines are on the brink of bankruptcy.
Serious accidents repeatedly occur almost every day. The incredible breakdown of rail safety is currently going on. In JR Freight workers’ wages have been forced to decrease. The Privatization of JR has proved to be a complete failure.
The most important cause of frequent accidents lies in the collapse of skill transfer between generations, inconsistency of directions and widespread irresponsibility in every field of operation, all of which are the results of outsourcing.

The second round offensive of the Division and Privatization has begun, claiming “Innovation like the D & P of National Railways!” “Change way of working!”
Its core is defined as “Outsourcing Revolution”, that is, unprecedented wholesale outsourcing, casualization of workforce and renewed assault of dismantling National Railways labor movement.
The planned abolition of Chiba Driver’s Depot and establishment of Chiba Transport Depot have a decisive strategic position in their scheme of breakthrough of this offensive, in a word streamlining measures. We are determined to stand up squarely against this assault.

The struggle to smash outsourcing has a particular significance for our victorious perspective.
Doro-Chiba has uncompromisingly waged for fifteen years the struggle against outsourcing and casualization and has delayed the practice of this scheme for about ten years. In the midst of the struggle, Doro-Chiba has increased its membership. Moreover significant numbers of colleagues of CTS (Chiba Railway Service, a subcontractor of the JR East Company) have begun to join us.
It marks an epoch for unions to prove the possibility of standing up for a fresh struggle against neoliberal assaults.

Stop outsourcing! Let’s fight by full strength of union power to establish an extension of the retirement age and working conditions to be able to work until retirement at the age of 65! Stop work intensification of “To go would be hell, to stay would be hell.”!
Fight unyieldingly against abolition of local lines! Let’s struggle against rationalization and for rail safety!
Let’s fight, in the next year at Spring Labor Offensive, to strengthen our union and to prevent enactment of the war legislation!

Our most important task is continued organizing in both JR and CTS; already twelve colleagues of CTS have joined in Doro-Chiba.
We should concentrate all of our power to strengthen the unity and gain many members to our union. Let’s set up links of Doro-Sorengo (Federation of National Railway Motive Power Unions) all over Japan!

Let’s organize November Workers Rally with 10 thousand participants, and overthrow reactionary Abe administration with its drive for war and further privatization!
Let’s revitalize labor movement in solidarity with KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions) now rising up for general strike!
We determined to strike in our workplace.

DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA