July 2, 2014

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We denounce the cabinet decision to admit exercise of
the right of collective self-defense!
Down with the reactionary Abe administration!

Doro-Chiba (National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba)
2 July, 2014

The Abe administration has forced a cabinet decision that admits to exercise the right of collective self-defense. This decision tramples the basic principle of the Constitution that stipulated: “The Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.” “The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.” It is a flagrant act of coup d’état by a handful of cabinet members under the guise of changing the interpretation of the Constitution.

We stop war for our life

We stand at a turning point of history. The way to war should be stopped by every means. It is an urgent task to be carried out against all kinds of difficulties. Working class has a power to accomplish this task by its united struggle. Let’s share sense of crisis and stand at the front of raging voice of working class people against the outrageous governmental attack. Let’s revive militant labor movement.

Postwar Japanese history is characterized by the fierce struggle of workers against the reactionary political offensive that intended to disorganize labor movement and to transform Japan into a state that can make war. The confrontation went through a long period ranging from a policy of “reversing the postwar development” in the midst of the Korean War in 1950 (rearmament and setting up of National Police Reserve) transforming it into Self-Defense Forces in the later period.  Now Abe administration intends to smash all of these struggles once and for all together with the Constitution. Though we are not acting according only to the principle and standard stipulated by the Constitution, we are firmly determined to confront squarely against any attempt of trampling the Constitution for starting war once again.  We shall crush it for our life.

War of greedy capitalists

Abe is developing a sophistic and deceptive discussion: “Should we remain inactive when our own freedom, the right to the pursuit of happiness and the very existence of Japanese people are threatened?” “Could we keep silence if our closest allies are under attack?”  Thus he is trying to flare up nationalism and chauvinism to the utmost degree and attempts to fill the whole Japanese society with hatred and fear. We ask Abe, however, who on earth are to be sent to the battlefield once war breaks out? Workers and peasants who are suffering from hard life are mobilized to the slaughter. Is there any freedom or the right to pursue a happy life for those who are forced to devote their lives for the bestial cause and for their families?
Abe’s war is for the survival of greedy capitalists and their political representatives. He shamelessly demands people’s blood for that ugly purpose. We must keep in mind that patriotism is the last resort of the selfish rascals.

Outright lie to pave way for war

Abe insists: “The exercise of the right to collective self-defense remains in a limited and minimum way and is allowable under the principle of the Constitution”. We can never admit his sophistry in paving way for war. He has finally opened up Pandora’s Box. All wars were started by the name of “self-defense” and once the doors are opened for war, a never-ending self-movement starts for eternal destruction. We should remember how cruel the last war (World War II) has been carried out and what kind of disaster it has brought to the people of Asia, Japan and the whole world. Totally ignoring, or trying to avert public attention from, these historical facts, Abe has hurriedly forced the cabinet decision, while he described the war as supreme act of a state. “Once the decision is made, then we have a free hand to do everything we want” ― that is his political strategy. There could be no brake for the arbitrary use of collective self-defense right.

War of aggression abroad and class war at home

Conversion into a state capable of war inevitably sets free brutal forces which want to destroy the whole structure of the Japanese society, established through the postwar period.  War of aggression abroad and class war at home are one and the same. What is going to happen is not only the revision of various laws concerning the SDF but also total reorganization of the constitutional principles and social systems including the labor rights, freedom of thought and conscience, freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression, sovereignty and dignity of individuals, contents of education and school system, social security system and others. The underlying intention of these reversions is waging war.  

Actually in line with the recent cabinet decision on the collective self-defense right, a series of serious attacks is already under way: wholesale privatization, deregulation, setting up of National Strategic Special Zones, which threaten the rights and future of working class people.
Meanwhile in Fukushima, people are exposed to heavy radioactive contamination in a tremendous scale ever faced in the human history and no effective measure has so far been taken to cope with this critical situation. In face of this reality, the government of Abe still insists shamelessly that the whole situation is completely under control and there is nothing to worry about.  It is a downright lie. Two million people in Fukushima are going to be abandoned 

The end of capitalism has begun

Profound crisis of capitalist system without exit is driving Abe administration into a desperate thrust to war. The current global economic crisis is producing dangerous move to war in Ukraine, Iraq, East Asia and other part of the world. 

Japan, which has the worst national debt in the world, is passing a day-to-day unstable economic life by means of large scale monetary easing and extraordinary public spending under the name of “Abenomics”, a self-destroying economic policy. Its dangerous character is well perceived by the ruling class itself. None of them is confident of their own future.  Capitalism in its last historical phase is suffering death agony.

The whole society is filled with mounting anger and everybody is seeking a change. What is vitally needed is revitalization of labor movement.

 Longstanding setback and concession of labor movement has enabled reactionary forces to come back to the public stage of class struggle. Everything has started from the Division and Privatization of National Railway in 1987. Now is the time to put an end to the reactionary trend since then.
Indignation against unbearable present situation is raging in the whole world and fresh struggle is starting everywhere.  Times have begun to change. It is high time we take back workers’ unity and solidarity. Let’s rise up for a struggle to overthrow Abe administration!


DORO-CHIBA (DC): National Railway Motive Power Union of CHIBA
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