June 30, 2013

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Declaration of Doro-Chiba 69th Regular Committee Meeting
June 30, 2013
On June 30, 2013, we held the 69th Regular Committee Meeting in the Union Hall. We proudly declare that we have achieved a victorious result in the Spring Labor Offensive 2013 and that we have adopted a new policy to enhance our efforts to expand the union organization. We are determined to concentrate all our energy in organizing through our struggles to reinstate fired workers, stopping outsourcing and fighting back against wage cuts.
Our 26-year struggle has completely exposed what the so-called “Reform of National Railways” really was and what was its intention. It has been revealed that the discrimintatory dismissal of 1,047 national railway workers was a state-sponsored unfair labor practice conducted by the executives of former Japan National Railways and the members of the JR Establishment Committee, who worked together in a conspiracy with judicial authorities.
Once this fact is established, it will help prove that the numerous cases of discriminatory dismissals of workers in various industrial branches carried out after the way and method of JNR privatization were all unlawful and unjust attack on labor movement. Now Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto are vehemently intent to start an offensive of all-out privatization and the firing of 3.6 million public workers. But such attempt would be broken up if we succeed to bring to light the outrageous anti-labor nature of this issue, we can destroy the whole schemes of privatization, outsourcing and casualization.
However, the instant we touched the heart of the issue, the government resorted to a reactionary measure. The chief judge of Tokyo District Court 11th Civil Division, Tetsu Shiraishi, who had found an unfair labor pratice in the discriminatory dismissal of Doro-Chiba members on June 29, 2012 was suddenly transferred to an insignificant job out of the Tokyo District Court Building. In the appellate court, the chief judge Koichi Nanba rejected all our requests for the examination of witnesses and enforced the termination of the appellate instance without investigating any fact and law. We are facing a crucial moment now.
We have launched a secound round fight against outsourcing by strikes in March. Our work places are riddled with contradictions. Illegal acts are flourishing; works in a form of disguised contract, violations of the Labor Standards Act, neglects of rail safety and driving regulations, etc. Even operational managers do not think that the outsourcing is the right way to do things. But since the Division and Privatization of JNR, Japanese labor movement as a whole has not been able to stand against the neoliberal offensive and has been continously stepping backward. We step forward breaking through this deteriorating situation. We never stop fighting until we crush the outsourcing scheme and return to JR workplaces. The most important for us now is to rise up to expand union organization with utmost effort.
Japan Freight Railway Company is rushing to implement its policy of full wage reduction. The truth is that the companies cannot pay fair wages for workers. It indicates the division and privatization of Japan National Railways have completely failed and gone bankrupt.
Japan Freight Railway Works Union under the leadership of Kakumaru has become a tool of the companies for wage cuts and is violently shaken by widespread outrage in workplaces.
They say that we should not let this company bankrupt, and accepted the summer bonus at 110 percent of the monthly-wage, outrageously low betraying the workers interest. Let’s rise up for overthrowing the division and privatization system of JR, uniting with all workers at all workplaces that struggle against wage cut.
Capitalist system has plunged into a catastrophic collapse under the global economic crisis. Abe administration has adopted a desperate economic policy, so-called “Abenomics”, as the last resort of dying capitalism.
This extraordinary monetary easing policy has been implemented to fill the market with flood of money. Abe’s “growth strategy” will result in a full-scale privatization, which means a total destruction of employment, wages and social security system. And eventually it will go to the revision of the constitution and war. This is “Abenomics”.
The policy of reducing public workers’ wages by an average 7.8 percent will be spread on all workers.
Furthermore, they are intending introduction of “limited regular employees”, revision of Worker Dispatch Law, lifting of restriction of arbitrary dismissal, legalization of unpaid overtime work, dismantling of social security system, wholesale privatization of public sector, consumption tax increase, participation in TPP talks, etc. In a word, they are going to demolish the very base of working people’s subsistence.
For their own survival, the state and capital have been driving policy of deserting Fukushima people and let them live for themselves, and is planning to restart nuclear power plants. But these policies are destined to collapse sooner or later.
Sanrizuka struggle of farmers against Narita Airport reaches a crucial stage. Japanese government urgently intends to expropriate Mr. Shito’s farmland.
Workers’ uprising has begun everywhere in the world. It is important for workers to unite and struggle together. We will launch organizing efforts with our utmost energy to revitalize class struggle labor movement. It is our urgent task to strengthen and expand unity in our workplaces.
Let’s struggle with heart and soul.

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